Local Attractions

Blackall was discovered in 1846 by explorer Major Thomas Mitchell who described the area as “the finest and most extensive pastoral region he had ever found”.

Things to do in Blackall

  • Aquatic Centre/Artesian Spa
  • Black Stump
  • Jack Howe Memorial Statue
  • Pioneer Bore
  • Idalia National Park
  • Bird Watching Trail
  • Masonic Lodge Tea House
  • Wool Scour Tours
  • Bushman’s Hotel Wishing Well
  • Ram Park
  • Art, Sculpture and Murial displays

Blackall Woolscour

The Blackall Woolscour is Australia’s last remaining steam driven wool washing plant, with a 20 stand shearing shed attached.

The Woolscour’s steam machinery has been restored and personally guided tours are available 7 days a week on the hour, every hour. A visit to the Blackall Woolscour will give an insight to the pioneering achievement of engineering and endurance.

Universal Garden Centre and Gallery

The legendary shearer, Jackie Howe, is a man well remembered in Blackall. He holds the record for shearing 321 sheep in 7 hours and 40 minutes with blade shears at Alice Downs Station in 1892 and became a local identity.

Retiring from shearing in 1900, he became the publican of the Universal Hotel. A replica of the hotel is located in Shamrock Street, which is now the “Universal Garden Centre and Gallery” and a memorial sculpture of the local hero is at the front of the building.

Aquatic Centre

Rest, relax and revive in the Blackall aquatic centre artesian spa. With its therapeutic qualities and relaxed quiet outdoor surroundings, you may have to stay an extra day! As well as the hot artesian spa, the pool is a 50m Olympic size pool set in beach style surrounds.

Pioneer Bore

The town is supplied with water from the Great Artesian Basin and in Blackall the water is pure, uncontaminated and ideal for drinking. The water temperature in Blackall is 58 degrees Celsius.

Black Stump

Is located behind the Blackall State School and was used for surveying purposes. It was considered at the time, that country to the west of Blackall was beyond the “Black Stump”.

Labor Federation Memorial

This is located in Short Street and commemorates the first meeting that led to the first shearers’ union in December 1886.

Fossilised tree stump

The fossilised tree stump is located in Shamrock Street. It is a conifer and is believed to be 1,000,000 years old.

Major Mitchell Clock

The Thomas Mitchell Clock is located in middle of Shamrock Street.

Art Work

There are numerous art work by various artist spread throughout Blackall. Other attractions include Information Centre (Ram Park), Masonic Lodge, Memorial Park, and bird-watching.

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